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Sunday, July 30, 2006

Update... finally.

I haven’t updated as often as I wanted to for simple reasons. I’m still on dial-up and I never thought it was this slow before. I got used to DSL’s speed. Moving to a new house has left us without DSL and cable TV. Both services have been applied for since we moved but it seems it’s taking them longer to even survey the area. With DSL, there should be no problem, it’s just a matter of waiting for a free port to open in our area, with cable TV it’s a different story. It seems that our house, well, our area doesn’t have a Sky Cable line open. The line has been terminated and in order for us to get a line, there should be 3 or more subscribers in our area to re-open their lines. That sucks. Our neighbors have Destiny cable but personally, I don’t like their channel lineup, no ANC, Star World, AXN and National Geographic. Channels I frequently watch. They have a lot of Chinese channels though which doesn’t do anything for me. So I don’t want to settle with Destiny. Now, I missed a lot of my most-awaited shows like the 2nd season of The Contender (AXN), Rockstar: Supernova (Star World), and my daily dose of WWE. All I watch everyday is Wowowee, I like it for the pretty girls, no show has the prettiest faces (and legs) on TV but this. Heehaw! Anyway, moving has its cons also but I’m still glad we’re here.
SM North EDSA’s The BLOCK has opened its upper floors. The place looks like a piece from SM’s Mall of Asia. A little out of place from the older buildings but it looks good. A few places have opened up but still not worth spending time in.


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