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Friday, May 12, 2006


I made time to watch this 3rd movie from Sam Mendes. I liked American Beauty and Road to Perdition and it seems that his choice of actors with all 3 movies were excellent. Kevin Spacey, Tom Hanks, Paul Newman and now, Jake Gylenhaal and Peter Sarsgaard. When I first saw the trailer months ago, I was hooked with it's music, Jesus Walks. I knew this was a drama though, coming from Mendes even thought the trailer looked like it had so much action. Well, after watching the DVD, I was really blown away with it's intensity. The cast was great! The film is about the life of Marines in the Gulf War and I must say, it ain't easy being one. But I loved how the characters interacted, looked for each other, the bond they created and everything else. The look of the movie is very bright and dirty at the same time. You'll be seeing mostly whites and desert except for some scenes like the oil rain. This isn't an expert review, just raving about the movie. Jke Gylenhaal's performance as intense and to be honest, I wasn't aware he could be that intense. He seems to be such a gentle character but here, all gloves are off. My favorite actor here though, is Peter Saarsgard as Troy. Mysterious character this one is. Watch it if you have time... or likeme, make time for it.

Blog marathon ha! Updates galore! Hehehe!


  • nagugulat nga ako e. pag blog hop ko sa yo, 2-3 updates, sipag!

    nood ka brokeback mountain, intense din ang performance ni jake gylenhaal dun. :p
    nagulat nga ako e, i didn't know he was that good an actor.

    By Blogger meowok, at 9:09 AM  

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