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Saturday, April 01, 2006

Update! Update!

You might be asking if this is my PC... and the answer is a big, unfortunate NO. I found this Order 66/501st Trooper case mod by Smooth Creations while browsing the internet( But it sure is a cool paintjob on an Alienware system. Maybe someday, If I find the courage to actually modify my Shuttle XPC, I could have one like this, Vader perhaps.
I've been pretty busy lately with pages and everything is going well. As for DVD updates, my Firefly box set arrived 2 weeks ago and it was worth it. For things not really worth its price, we have King Kong DVD. I know I said I don't like the film but still, it is eye candy and a must-have to any dvd collection. The local release has bad packaging and sent some collectors airing their disappointment in a local dvd forum. Luckily, the reservation caomes with a free dvd of your choice, and I chose Shrek 2. At the end of the day, I guess it wasn't a total waste. I'll post some pics as soon as my camera comes back.
My barkada is composed of friends from high school. We regularly talk to each other either through text, phone or YM. 2 of them, this week lost their phones. One, while going home from the province where he works, it was one of the rare times he didn't use his car and rode a bus home. 6 people announced a holdup, guns in their hands. Along with his celphone, they got my friend's wallet, credit cards, IDs. Another friend of mine lost his celphone in the LRT. It was tucked in his bag pocket and perhaps, while he was getting out of the LRT car, it got snatched by skillful magnas. I too have been a victim of these inconsiderate people. If they need money, why don;t they just find a decent work instead of taking other people's money and things that they have obviously worked hard for?! We are taking public transportations so that means were not rich, everything we have, we earned it by working our asses off. So please... be considerate! Man, as if they could hear my pleas... they probably don't even know how to turn on a pc. Well, I have been very cautious and observant since then. If you see a suspicious looking group of men (and sometimes women) with bags, leave at once.

Listening to: Alice in Chains Music Bank, Eraserheads MP3 Collection
Recently watched movies: The Quick and the Dead (Sam Raimi), The Crow (Alex Proyas pala 'to?!), Origin of the DaVinci Code
Recently played game: Tried The Godfather Game but didn't like it.


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