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Monday, January 30, 2006

PC Story

Last November, I was having problems with my XPC. First, it was the video card, the damn thing just won't load. So I went to where I bought my rig since it was still under warranty, no worries. They were able to fix the video card by installing a new driver but while they were checking every component, they found out that one of my RAMs had corroded strips. So they advised me to get it replaced. Okay, I still have 512MB of RAM left for 2 weeks until I get the replacement, no worries. Went home then enjoyed my working PC even though it felt incomplete. A month after, I went there with my PC to get the other RAM, but during my first visit there, the security guard took the paper they gave me, I thought it was SOP so I never bothered with it. When it was time to get it, they were looking for it. So kinda argued with them that it wasn't my fault it went missing but they still insisted that I file an affidavit of loss. Avoiding further arguements, I went home with a still incomplete unit. After a week, I went back with the papers but now we found out that the video card is now out of commission. So I went home without a video card but at least, a complete set of RAM. I'm currently using my XPC's built-in video accelerator. Works well, for now.
Thank you for reading such an uninteresting story! Hehe!


  • ang saya ng red tape, no? with all those forms and stuff...

    By Blogger meowok, at 8:57 PM  

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