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Monday, December 19, 2005

Kong Isn't King

My family and I watched King Kong yesterday. I was almost sure I'd love the movie considering its from the now slimmed down Peter Jackson. But still, I had my doubts... I loved LOTR:FOTR, but TTT and ROTK wasn't really that good for me. I would never ever watch those movies on DVD repeatedly. That would be insane. Anyway, after the movie, I was really disappointed. Kong himself was very well done, the movie had its fun moments, thrills, etc. But coming from WETA, the effects were poorly done. The integration of real actors with CG were just laughable, you would know that the actors weren't interacting with the scene or the CG characters. Naomi Watts was brilliant, so's Andy Serkis... some scenes were unnecessarily long... it could've been an hour long movie and I would have enjoyed it more. Weta needs more lessons on bluescreening. Still, it was an enjoyable movie, even though I was about to fall asleep during the first quarter of the movie. Being King Long, it's still worth your time.


  • hmm, two towers is my favorite of the trilogy. :D
    anyways, peter jackson really jacked himself up in the expectations department after the lotr trilogy. however, even good directors have their bad days and kong is testament to this, i guess. mas gusto ko pa yung work nya sa the frighteners kesa sa kong.
    in king kong, i think the movie tends to be overly-dramatic in some parts when it didn't need to be. making the movie dragging.
    tho i loved the kong character, so cute. i nearly got weepy with his death scene.
    about weta... weta workshop ba talaga ito? o nag-sideline lang si richard taylor? parang ala kasi akong nabasang weta sa credits.

    By Blogger meowok, at 5:24 PM  

  • hmm... just thought weta to... pero baka di rin, knowing that theyre working on narnia with ilm and others. i may be uninformed... assumed. siguro s TTT kasi, parang walang masayang setting dun kayama nagustuhan ko FOTR... at least may bright setting like the elf city or something.

    By Blogger 2ngaw, at 8:09 PM  

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