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Thursday, October 06, 2005

In a Perfect World...

In a perfect world, we’d all be swimming in lukewarm liquid gold; able to buy everything we wanted by just squeezing our wet underpants. In a perfect world, we’d all be flying with smokeless jetpacks strapped to our fireproof backs. In a perfect world, everything will be made up of dark chocolate and pesky ants will be living underwater along with cockroaches. In a perfect world, all pens will never run out of ink, never fade, never blot and stainless steel. In a perfect world, summer afternoons will be slightly cold and the other seasons’ afternoons will be just… colder so we won’t have to sweat while we’re sleeping (and having to squeeze out the sweat from your pillows, unless it’s golden sweat). But this, especially this country isn’t a perfect world, faaaaaar from it and the hardest thing to accept here is that we don’t even try. Everyone is guilty, you, me, the poor, the rich, especially the government and the people who run it. Didn’t we use to care about this place we’re living in?! A lot of people have realized just now, with the current status of the country that there IS no hope. It makes me wonder about the future of my children. Oh, how dreadful it is to think about it. I have never dreamed of living abroad, until now. I’m sure they are not perfect, but at least, it’s colder there.

Things I hate:

1.) smelly hands

2.) hot days and sweat

3.) adobo; anything cooked in soy sauce is adobo to me

4.) cold Food, wet rice, wet breAd, fish in soup, meaT in soup, corn

5.) old women in passenger jeepneys

6.) PEOPLE who stop in front of escalators and seem lost

7.) cable tv signal snatchers

8.) roaches in my room, I feel violated

9.) Gum in My shoe, pAnts, seat, hair, wall.

10.) the size of Yakult bottles

Things I love:

1.) my girlfriend, family, friends, my work

2.) everything in my room except the floral sheets

3.) dark and mint chocolates, Yakult, garlic, siomai (not cooked in soy sauce but dipped)

4.) music, movies, games, toys

5.) techie stuff, comics, mags

6.) Gising Pilipinas (4ams on ANC)

7.) Microwave oven

8.) Anything Star Wars

9.) Mini skirts

10.) Bacon for breakfast, lunch and dinner.


  • if we were able to swim in liquid gold, how are we supposed to see in it? unless it has the semi-transparency of lukewarm wee-wee. O_o
    oh, and adobo sucks!

    By Blogger meowok, at 2:52 PM  

  • i also love Moby Jumbo Hotdog Roast Beef flavor! The best! Adobo sucks!

    By Blogger 2ngaw, at 5:27 PM  

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