Confessions of a Dangerous Hand

Monday, September 12, 2005

Catching Up

Wow! It's been a long time since I saw this screen. I haven't had the time to write... well, I did, but I was sort of too lazy to write about anything. Not much have been happening, just work and a few things here and there. Hmm... where to start... NML Volume 2 has been pretty steady in its production stage. So far, in abook that's already delayed, we haven't had a big delay in terms of production. If you think about it, it'll be almost a year since my last production page in Volume 1. I finished it in December, and now, the "ber" months are here and already, I'm feeling this choking pressure on the deadline. And a new project is now in the works for me. Although we haven't really started yet, I have been doing some initial sketches for the main character. Right now, it's all hush-hush. I know I'll be able to handle 2 books at a time. Let's just hope I won't get confused with these two books, characters and mood changing from one book to the next.
My Wacom is still jittery, but from reading into the Wacom forums, I was able to decrease the jitters by a slightly uncivilized way... I had to step on my CPU to get the electricity grounded a bit. So the problem with the Wacom isn't the tablet itself but the electricity it's connected to. Soon, I'll have to get the lines looked at by an electrician.
Earlier, I ws watching the Extended Version of The Return of the King... and seeing it in it's entirety really made more sense than what we've seen on the big screen. Of course, that's what happened with the previous films, the EVs were really better, I just wish they'd release it this way. I'm waiting for the release of StarWars:Episode 3. The problem would be, should I hold out on buying the DVD on November 1 or wait til the Complete DVD set arrives?! But with my excitement, I'm sure I'll get the DVD on November 1. No questions asked.


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