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Saturday, June 18, 2005

The Good, The BAT and The Ugly

The Coolest Batmobile Ever! Drawn by Me.

We saw the movie Batman Begins 2 days ago. And wht do I have to say (as if anyone cares)... I loved it! Though I hate to admit it, I actually enjoyed watching this one more than Episode 3. But that is unfair since they are of different genres. I love Episode 3 and Batman Begins. The movie starts off slow for most viewers, exploring the origins of Batman, and how he came to be. How he learned to fight, where he got his gadgets, what drives him to do all these. I was eager to know everyhting and the movie satisfies that thirst for discovery. I never read any of the dark knights books since I stopped reading comics when I stepped into college, and before then, I was reading mostly Marvel amd Image comics. Somehow, DC's superheroes just don't appeal mush to me. But I loved the movies... well, not everything, Batman and Robin sucked. But of all DCs heroes, I loved Batman the most. Probably beause he's only human, no superpowers, just the brains and wealth to do anything. And by now, people know that I love characters with masks and helmets. Well, after watching the movie, I got myself a couple of Batman action figures, The BatMobile and a 14-inch poseable Batman which I suspended in mid-air with strings. The BatMobile is by far my favorite movie vehicle, along with Ep3's ARC-170 and Jedi Starfighters. Posted by Hello


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