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Thursday, June 30, 2005

Getting to Know Old Friends Again

Marvel's cover for House of M #1

Recently, I've been reading comics again. Due to my boss/friend's influence, I started with DC's Countdown to Infinite Crisis. And from then on, I was immediately hooked again to reading comics. As a teenager, I used to read em and would skip lunch just to buy a new issue of X-men and other series. But they're mostly Marvel series. But when I stepped into college, I stopped. And since then, I never picked up anything and kinda forgot about the characters I used to love. Until recently, I guess it's time to get to know my old friends again. Aside from DC's Infinite Crisis series, I also bought Marvel's House of M. With characters I'm more involved with, the X-men. Although right now, DC's crossover is more interesting, I hope that with the next issues, House of M will get better, I know it will. Sigh... this will be the road to bankruptcy once again. Haha! Or as my Boss said, my DOOM. But I'm glad to be back.

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