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Sunday, April 03, 2005

The Quest for the Lost King

This here is the Eternal Clan Dragon taken at my desk.

Before the Age of Man, there was the Age of Dragons... Man looked at the dominant Dragons and knew that speech would set him free. Like a thief in the night, one brave man-his name, ifhe had one, long since disappeared like so many grains of sand--crept into the great city to steal the holy chalice and with it the Dragons' gift of speech. In the end, it was that simple act of thievery that tipped the balance of power, initiating the transition from the Age of Dragons to the Age of Man... what a story! I always loved dragons and stories of talking dragons, flying over civilizations of man like a shooting star always had an effect on my imagination. And seeing these figures from mcfarlane toys made those visions come true. Right, it's started again. After waiting for the new Star Wars unleashed Stormtrooper figure and let down by the shops' techniques of putting them in sets, I put my attention on these gorgeous toys of dragons! and right now, I'm planning on completing the set. Priced at P810 (SM) each, it's a steal. I got the Eternal Clan dragon and it's now sitting comfortably on top of my center channel speaker. Next, I'll probably have the boxed set where we find the Berserker Clan dragon vs. Human Attacker... human attacker, what a lame title for humans! I AM a human attacker! If only by this time, the dragon can still speak his thoughts he'd probably answer, Iam a Berserker Clan dragon, sounds cooler, no? Well, don't mind me... I'm just having fun.
Yesterday, Saturday, the people who contributed in Marco Dimaano's KIA project met at Megamall, some have been working together for years but haven't met each other personally. Which for me is always entertaining to watch. Hehe! For me though, gatherings are not for me. I could meet up with a person or two, but put me in a group of 20 people and I'm lost. I'm not a social person, but I don't hate being there. I'm just uncomfortable. Anyway, I met of course, Marco, Vin (Comic quest's owner who sez he's ordered booksfrom Seven Sea which is good, it means that it'll be sold here in the Phils.), Dean Alfar, Nikki Alfar, Gerry Alanguilan, Katch, Andrew Drilon, Anthony Yap, Mike Seludo, etc. It was a good time, but I had to leave early since I have to meet up with my girl Guia, who's always fun to be with also. Anyway, good luck with the book, guys!
Well, it's back to the drawing board for me. I have a submission to make later! Posted by Hello


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