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Friday, April 22, 2005

PC Poltergeist

My almost useless workstation.

I've been having demons on my PC. First, I noticed that my Wacom tablet cursor is jittering like crazy, I don't remember when it happened, then, my Photoshop keeps having errors while running, next, my MS Office, and on top of that, I have to deal with random reboots of my PC. What the hell is wrong with this?! Iused to think I'm unlucky when it comes to PCs... now, it's insane! What luck! .. if I have any! I'm really pissed right now. I can't work straight hours with these demons. Which led me to a realization... instead of using a cloned/assembled pc, I should just use a branded set. That way, whenever I have errors like these, they'll be taken care of by pros. What sucks is, these pcs have warranties, right? But all these problems appear right after the Warranty period! Crazy! It's like it has a timer before it self-destructs! Absurd! Well, a branded PC is worth thinking about since it doesn't come cheap. A recommended setupwould cost me around P60-70K... that's a lot of money! But well, it's where I get my living so I guess its a worthy investment. We'll see what happens.
Last 16th of April, I celebrated my 26th birthday. God, I'm getting old and it shows. Sigh. I got myselfacouple of Star Wars items though. Books mostly. The EP3 Visual Dictionary, The Art of SW:ROTS book, and a couple of comics. Good read. Inspiring too.
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