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Friday, March 18, 2005

Impulse Buying

White is in! (Taken with my K700i)

After convincing myself not to upgrade to a Sony Cybershot T33 because of it's absurdly expensive price for a point-and-shoot camera and Memory Stick. I found myself content with my Casio Exilim Z30. But while walking around Cyberzone with my friend Belo, I saw this white S100. I fell in love instantly. It's now priced at P15,200 form it's intro price of P19'500 last October. So I thought it's a steal! So there I was, making calls to friends whomight be interested in getting my Z30 and I hit jackpot. Right then and there, I got the S100. Not exactly a big upgrade but more for it's aesthetics. I'm content... for now. This is becoming the new obsession I had with cellphones before. I'm done with that, thankfully.
Now, my favorite show right now is The Contender, and there is now a Pinoy counterpart entitled KAMAO. They're both boxing reality series but presented in a different way. And unfortunately, I wasn't impressed with Kamao. I guess it's how it's executed. Pinoys love melodrama, and the fighters' stories, their lives, however true and hard they may be (which I respect) is something we all have heard before. We sure need toknow theirfamilies, where they come from and why they do it. But the show should've focused more on the fighter's personality. Much like in The Contenders... you love some fighters, you hate some. And we don't need commentators during fights. The fight speaks for itself (althogh the fights were unimpressive, it couldve been better if edited well). Well, it's agood effort though. for our Pinoy boxers who need to be noticed. Amen. I can't wait to see Manny Pacquiao's fight this coming sunday. I pray he knocks down Morales.Posted by Hello


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