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Wednesday, March 16, 2005


NML is out!

Yesterday, I was awakened by the sound of someone knocking furiously at my door. I just had a few hours of sleep and I was quite irritated that it was cut short by the noise. Nobody wakes me up because my family knows I usually stay up at night to work. So I wassurprised. Turns out it's my cousin, telling me there's someone at the gate looking for me. Alright, I got up, and went to the front gate. And there he was, the FEDEX guy, "Are you Jennyson Rosero, sir?" I knew what it was so my eyes just got widefrom excitement. I signed the papers and ran back to my pad-ito. It was my first NML copy. The first of many. I immediately opened the envelope and there it was, in all it's printed glory. Our baby, we've been wotking on it for half a year and it's finally here! ANd I have to say, I was impressed withthe quality of printing. My art definitely improved from the compression of the page size. The lines were finer, to be honest, when I was young, I was baffled at how those manga-kas do those fine lines. There is nothing in this world, a tool that can do such fine lines. And now I know the answer, there's nothing special about it. Hehehe! But it was good. I'm seeing my art in a whole new light. I'm so happy. I hope it sells well in the US. It's quite expensive here, if the cover price of $10.99 would be converted here, it would be around P600 or more. I don't know anyone who shells out that much money on manga. I hope someone will take the chance to see all of Seven Seas books. Posted by Hello


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