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Sunday, February 27, 2005

Devils Do Cry

A devil coming back to his roots.

I usually finish a game that I like within 2 days. Games like Metal Gear Solid3, Onimusha series, Splinter Cell, and of course, Devil May Cry. Why? The story, of course. Although some games really doesn't require deep storylines, it has to have one to keep me from playing. It is in this aspect that MGS3 has been successful. And right now, DMC3 isn't too far behind. Capcom games usually are a letdown when you get to the end, you'll always feel that after completing the game, that's it?! But here, I guess they have learned their lesson. And the better dubbing doesn't hurt as well. This game though, is a prequel to the original DMC. It showsa younger Dante and maybe, due to his youth, a cockier one. Which is really cool. Whenever I watch the cutscenes, I either catch myself with my mouth gaping open from seeing something really cool or smiling with Dante's lines. It has inspired me to do some pretty cool action scenes for my manga, which is always a good thing. That's another reason I have to finish the games within 2 days, I have work to do, and having a good game will always bother me if I'm not playing it. So I finish it and forget about it quick. Hehe! Now I can work non-stop.
Last movie seen: Lemony Snicket's A Series of Unfortunate Events.
Last CD I listened to: Sugarfree's Dramachine
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