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Monday, October 18, 2004

Burnout 3: Takedown

Road rage has its rewards.

I picked up this game yesterday with my friend, Kellogg. The idea of being rewarded by crashing your car into another, pillars, trucks, whatever... seemed like a fun idea to me. And it IS! This is by far the most intense game I've ever played. Started playing racing games with Midnight Club2, then to NFS:Underground, I made it a point to pick this one up. And I'm glad I did. The sense of speed is just too much to take sometimes, you almost feel like sticking out you tongue like a dog and you'd swear you felt the wind on your face. The graphics are very rich and the sounds are great. I wish though that the DJ would just shut up (Hmm... I think there's an option for that...) But that's just me. There are several events available for you to try out. There's the usual race (but you are allowed to takedown your rivals to get to the top place), a crash event where you are given a car to smash through traffic and cause as much damage as possible, a roadrage event where you take down as many cars as you can with the given time or until your car is completely destroyed, and so on. During the first hour playing this game, you'll find yourself shouting from the adrenaline rush escaping a million dollar in damage crash gives you. It really is that good. I'd recommend this game to people who love racing games and for those who dreamed of causing some serious road crashes... and that means all of us! hehehe! Posted by Hello


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