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Friday, October 22, 2004

Back to my toy hobby

Beds in cheap motels during the Old West... not comfy.

I just got back from Greenhills where my main reason for going there is to purchase this McFarlane figurine of Billy the Kid. It's a good thing the shop I got this from still sells this item separately, the other shops are either out of stock or are selling this figure included in a set of 5 or 6 which will cost me P5K. I'm not that crazy. Anyway, I love how the details in this figure has been put in. It's near-perfect! Although I think it has a missing accessory which is his revolver (sad, since it's my favorite gun of all), but who am I to complain? I got this for P880 and that for me is a bargain already. The coffin has a corpse inside, stiff... like all corpses. Damn, I think this will go on forever. As long as McFarlane toys keep on producing interesting toys like this. There goes my budget! Posted by Hello


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