Confessions of a Dangerous Hand

Thursday, June 17, 2004

Wild West

I just finished pencilling 30 pages of my manga to be released in the States early next year. I've been waiting for my Pentel brush pens from Japan, it should be arriving anytime soon, tomorrow hopefully so I can start inking everything. This will be a busy week for me... the first pages are very important in the production, setting the mood and the image of the manga. It was supposed to be finished yesterday, but since the brushes aren't here yet, I had to delay a little. I do hope the delay is worth it after finishing these pages... only 120 more pages to go and we're set. Heh!
I've been watching Old West themed movies lately, bought Tombstone on DVD and some Clint Eastwood films to inspire me. Also, whenever I have the time, I play Red Dead Revolver on the PS2 from Rockstar Games. I've been fascinated with the Colt Revolver ever since I started doing this. I'd like to own one someday, displayed in an ornate wooden case with golden bullets. That'd be the pride and joy of my collection, I bet.
Well, off to the sunset for me... Yee-Haw!


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