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Friday, June 25, 2004

The Chronicles of Riddickulous

Vin Diesel Stars as Richard RiddickPosted by Hello
I watched The Chronicles of Riddick last Tuesday. To be honest, I wasn't entertaind at all. I was expecting more from this movie, okay, so I wasn't expecting deep storyline here but it was just... cold. While I was quite impressed by the idea of the Necromonger monoliths, the effects were just too computerized for me, COLD. You feel like you're watching a video game. The Final Fantasy movie was more realistic in terms of effects and that too, I didn't like. Anyway, the good thing here is it got me fascinated on Pitch Black, Vin Diesel's character Richard Riddick's first adventure. And after watching it, I could say that I was more entertained with this than the sequel. Feh! Sequels. The only sequel better than the original film is still The Godfather 2. Hopefully, we could add Spiderman 2 with it. Anyway, Pitch Black had more interesting characters. They each have their own personalities, likable or not. Even Riddick. I just wish the moviehouse had a subtitle feature that you could turn on since you can't freakin' understand what Vin Diesel's saying!!! ..."It's been a while since I smelled Beautiful..." ?! Anyway, that's it. I must get back to work... sigh... another weekend coming.


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