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Monday, May 10, 2004

Power to the People

It's election time once again in this seemingly hopeless country we are in. Personally, I never liked the incumbent president because of her attitude and her lack of honor. She once said she's not going to run, probably to escape rumors regarding her projects. Anyway, with the current situation the counting is in, I would rather have her win than the actor. I was quite surprised to learn that he was running for the country's highest position. I used to respect this guy and now, I think of him as just another one of those trying hard to be saviours of this country. Well, I doubt that the one I voted for would win, I was hoping he'd whip some discipline into the people. Anyway, politics is just good for show.
Last Sunday, the Borlongan family had an outing. Bringing the kids to a pool sure was fun for them. I'm sure they had fun. But the thing that stopped all activities that day was Manny Pacquiao's fight with Marquez, a Mexican. The first round was great, the Mexican going down three times! Imagine, Three times! But after that, everything was ho-hum. My dad even fell asleep, and at some point, I did too. Well, the decision was disappointing, a draw. Well, that's politics in sports for you.
Well, I like this new look for the blogs. It looks more Xp than the previous one. Easier on the eyes. Good!


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