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Saturday, May 08, 2004


I have always been a fan of Capcom's Onimusha series. Excellent graphics and non-stop action always kept me holding the pad for hours. And now that the series has come to an end with Onimusha 3: Demon Siege, I was glad in a way that it was an appropriate ending for the series. It has by far the best opening sequence by Capcom... although it was not as movie-like as with Onimusha 2's, it was epic and will keep you watching with your mouth gaping open. It stars Takeshi Kaneshiro as Samanosuke Akechi and Jean Reno as Jacques Blanc. At first, the idea of seeing Samanosuke, a Samurai from Feudal Japan, walking the streets of Paris didn't sit too well for me. But having played it, made it feel natural. But it did at some point looked like you're playing Resident Evil (especially when you are in the sewers). Overall, it was satisfying. I loved it... while it lasted. I finished the game in 10 hours. My friends would simply laugh at my patience for games. I bought the game last Thursday and finished it Friday. Hehehe! Well, as long as I enjoy it, anything to finish the game.


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