Confessions of a Dangerous Hand

Sunday, May 02, 2004

Mad at KC

I am supposed to be sleeping right now but this heat is really getting on my nerves. What I need right now is a cold tumbler of coffee! Come tp think of it, that's what the residents of Kalookan need, a nearby branch of Starbucks (or whatever good coffee place, heck, I'll be happy with a Nescafe Cafe place! or even Mccafe!). Unfortunately, we dont have any. Why? Because the people who are responsible for bringing such places think that the people in this city can't afford to buy expensive coffee! You know what?! They're right! Hehehe! Well, there are some, but would they be enough to support the business? I don't think so. this city has been frustrating for me. Yesterday, I was gonna buy myself the best sketch pad I could ever find. BUt I only have P60 in my wallet. I have to withdraw from a nearby ATM. Okay, no biggie... but as I tried to insert my card on the first ATM I could see, the slit where you put the card was somehow blocked, by another card, I assume. Maybe someone put their driver's license in there... so I went to the next, it was unavailable. The other, Cannot dispense cash right now. I went up the mall, I see, to remember seeing a Bancnet ATM there. What luck! there was no line! I let out a sigh of relief... but alas! It was unable to dispense cash again!!!! F*ck! So there I was, in the bookstore, settling for a so-so sketch pad. And it was hot outside, that made me even more mad at this God forsaken city. I hope the next mayor would give us Starbucks. That's all I need... well, working ATMs wouldn't hurt either.


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