Confessions of a Dangerous Hand

Monday, May 17, 2004

A Kick-Ass Samurai FIlm

Azumi and the gang of assassins. Posted by Hello

Earlier, I was able to find Azumi, a Japanese Samurai film directed by Ryuhei Kitamura. I saw this first on Wowow and was impressed with it's camera work and of course, the cute Azumi, played by Aya Ueto. It's a story of ten young would-be assassins, trained by a swordsman who intends to use them to change the politics of feudal Japan. But when they're ready for the mission, their Master asked them to slay each other until only five remain.
The copy I got was scratched and would not continue so I had it replaced. Unfortunately, they don't have any more so I'll be looking for it in Greenhills tomorrow. I got to have this film! It's a must!