Confessions of a Dangerous Hand

Wednesday, March 17, 2004

Can't Get a Shut-eye!

Obviously, I'm not busy. And since this is something new to me, guaranteed this will be updated daily... for a coupla weeks at least. Hehehe!
Angels and Demons is getting really interesting... after several chapters, a lot of Illuminati secrets have been revealed! And these aren't just products of the author's imagination... erm... well, technically, the whole book is. But they are actually based on facts! I looked it up on the net and was surprised to see actual documents! hmm... interesting.
Last night, I got home early. After eating, a few minutes on the phone, I suddenly found myself sleepy. Got to my room and gave in to my bed's invitation. I woke up with the smell of dog breath, our puppy, Dumpling, was feasting on my face. Of course, I had no choice but to get up, looked at the clock and was surprised to see how early it was, 1:30 am. What the?! But I felt full of energy and was not about to lose valuable time sleeping again. Turned on the tube and surfed for a good show... nada. Turned on the pc and surfed for a good site... the usual. Mail, Friendster, Groups. Shut down. 3:30 am... would have turned on my PS2 but I just didn't feel like playing 007. Back to the tube, alas! Maximum Exposure! Something to entertain myself, they featured The World's Most Dumbest Guys. Haha! I finally went back to sleep again, last time I checked, it was 4:30, gawd, I have to wake up for work... this is becoming routine for me.


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